As soon as we stepped the Dubai airport, we started texting Steve and Tobi (friends we met in North Korea). They were just outside waiting for us to start laughing and making silly jokes. Steve being Steve! They were the funniest of the group in Korea, making everybody laugh and we became friends from day one.

When we arrived to Steve's house, we spent time enought to take a shower and eat arabic food, drink a japanese shot and we were ready to party! We went to a gay club, country style and Diogo finished the night riding an insuflated bull!


We went on a tour with the guys through Dubai and they showed us the Souk, filled with fabrics, spicies, smells and persons calling us to sell us all kind of things. Next we went to Burj Al Arab, the first 7 stars hotel in the world, but first we stopped at Kite Jumeirah Beach with it's 32ºC waters. How wonderful! After a photo shoot, we moved to Burj, but it was closed to public and we had to take pictures from far away.

It was time to go to The Palm, located on the famous artificial palm tree, with all the well-known 5 star hotels, cannals, shoppings, yatches and luxury restaurants, and the Atlantis Hotel that became famous for the Sex and the City movie.

They have been super sweet and have been paying us almost everything, wanting to show us around and make sure that we have the most amazing experience here.

I asked if there was anything we shouldn't do and they said that we shouldn't curse, gesticulaste in a violent way and that in some areas, I should wear a scarf on my head, covering my hair and walk after them. They said they had a scarf for me and they would let me know when to use it.

After we went to the shopping for having launch at the Cheesecake Factory and they borrowed me the scarf to wear. So, I put it on and walked after them, letting them lead the way. While we were watching some people skying inside the mall, I see them laughing so much and I wasn't understanding... they explained that the scarf and the walking after them was a joke they made up to make fun of me! Bastards!! I took the scarf and started walking in front of them and that was the joke of the travel!


We left the shopping and left Steve at home to rest before his flight to Phuket and went with Tobi to his house and met his cat Jake. Next we went to Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world with a huge mall inside and an aquarium filled with fish, sharks, rays...

Then Tobi took us to Steve's, were we said goodbye to both of them and slept to take off to India.