When you think of Bangkok, you think of great food, sweating like a pig and massages! Experts in massages, when they squeeze, everything pops! As it is very cheap, we were always trying a new one and we highly reccomend it. After walking through the city, exploring every corner, it’s a must!

One of the things that made us fall in love with Bangkok was the language. It is spoken very gently and in a soft way, feeling like that are always happy to help you. 

Bangkok is one of the hottest cities that we have been (around 40ºC), so leaving the air-con hotel to the street is like imediatly having a shower. The humidity is very high, turning every step into a step into hell.


Another amazing thing about this place, is the food! And even better, it’s super safe to eat on the streets. Those delicious food stands with charcoal barbecue selling chicken hearts, legs and wings, sausages, pork belly, frogs, snakes and all sort of things (including roaches, spiders, grass hoppers and worms) made my mouth water and, as usual, we want to try everything, everywhere!

As well as the street food stands, the markets are a good place to have a stroll and eat something. Of course that buying souvenirs is always on the “to do list”, so markets are a mandatory stop. The colours, the smell, the sounds and the small hallways filled with people are the main atraction for us.


Bangkok has another, not so great, business… the sex business. A lot of women, men and children are explored to do what no one wants to do. At night, some streets gain life and women come outside to call men inside their estabilishment, to see private shows and the gay street is no less visited. One thing to remember: if the girl is taller then 1.65m, be suspicious! Maybe it’s not a girl… We went to see the so famous ping pong show, after we were so annoyed by everybody trying to call us inside. So we made a deal with the guy and went in. For about 2,5€/each, we had 1 drink and the right to see a show where they would do everything with their vagina. The problem was that when we arrive, there were a beautiful thai girl, but as soon as we were left by the guy, the girl went away and some old and fat women came inside to do the show. Let’s just say that I end up being hit by a ping pong ball on my knee. When we tried to pay and leave, we had a huge bill to pay, way more than the guy told us and the women inside became very agressive but it all stopped when we said that we were calling the police. Then, they just openned the door and let us out.


Our days were passed walking around, exploring the city, visiting temples, markets, eating, making massages and exploring other ways to visit the rest of the country. Traveling by train is very cheap and perhaps the cheapest way to do it, but the non air-con trains must be terrible. One tip?! Book your plane to Bangkok and then go to the main train station and explore the flights there to the beaches. It’s much cheaper then booking it back at home! You can save lots of money!

One of the days were spent going to the damnoen saduak, the floating market a few miles away of Bangkok, The Kwai River and the tiger temple. We picked up a pitton and they putted it on our neck...

Another tip: go to the Bayoke tower 2 to have a 13€/person dinner on the 78º floor, to see the whole city from above. The 84º floor is a rotating floor where you can see Bangkok 360º.